What it Takes to Build A Custom Home

Chances are, you are used to seeing open house signs (except during COVID times) or for sale signs throughout neighborhoods. When you want to buy a house, it’s simple: see what is on the market, reach out to your agent, see the houses you like, put in an offer, move in! Easy, right?

Ok, so you know the traditional home-buying process, but do you know the custom home building process? Odds are, even if you have considered building a custom home once or twice, you probably don’t even know where to start!

When working with a builder, the process can be broken up into six simple steps:

  1. Initial Client Consultation
  2. Selecting Your Home Site
  3. Architecture & Design
  4. Interior Design & Specifications
  5. Home Construction Begins
  6. Move In and Enjoy!

The initial client consultation is an opportunity for the client to meet with the builder and figure out if they are going to be a good fit to work together. Not all builders are the same, and not all people get along! Just like any partnership or business venture – having a good relationship with the builder can make the process easier and more enjoyable for all parties involved. You’ll be spending a lot of time talking with the builder and their team throughout the process, make sure they are people that you will enjoy talking to!

The initial client consultation is where the client can layout their general idea for what the house will be. Not the exact specifications and dimensions – but the general idea of what style house they are envisioning. Some builders specialize in particular styles of homes, this is an important factor to consider when selecting your builder as well!

Clients either own the land where they plan on building their custom home, or will be in the process of searching/identifying the perfect spot for construction. Construction cannot begin until the land has been secured by the client. Bringing in a builder before selecting land can be beneficial since they may have input that can reduce cost as well as expedite the construction process. Most top builders work regularly with real estate agents who specialize in construction and identifying ideal land for your new custom home.

Once the client and the builder have had the initial consultation and secured the land, that’s when the fun really begins! The architecture & design process is when your custom home actually begins looking the way you want it! Using the information from the initial consultation, the builder and their architect will begin drawing blueprints and conceptual drawings. While the architects start their drawings, the client will be introduced to their interior designer (which we strongly recommend using!!!) who will help guide the client in the decision making process for the interior. Read more about why we suggest working with an interior designer for your custom home construction.

The interior designer’s job is to help the client navigate the endless combinations and permutations of tile, hardwoods, counter tops, and everything else inside the home. Though it is exciting and fun, there are millions of combinations and decisions to be made when constructing your custom home, having an expert on your side is instrumental to making decisions quickly and efficiently without ever being overwhelmed. Some builders offer in-house interior designers, but some clients come to the process with their own design team or interior designer.

During the interior design & specification process, the builder will establish a scope of work which is critical in completing the home on time and on budget. The client and builder will work together to create a detailed plan and ensure the project runs smoothly all the way through.

Step 5 is the most exciting part of the process! This is where the project gets underway and construction begins. The builder is the primary source of communication and they ensure that the team is working on schedule and on budget. The construction period is the longest part of the entire custom home building process. Custom homes construction ranges depending on floor plans, square footage, permitting, the builder you selected and various other factors – typically this will take between 12-24 months.

Once construction is complete, you get the keys and enter your finished custom home! The process is long, involves tons of moving pieces, different people throughout, and is culminated with your perfect, dream custom home! After you have completed your walkthrough, the builder has presented you with your homeowner’s manual and all concerns have been addressed, you are ready to make your custom home your own.

If you are interested in building your own custom home, reach out to us at info@chaffeyconstruction.com schedule your initial consultation and embark on one of the most rewards adventures of your life!



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