Let’s Build A Custom Home

You’ve gone out and purchased the land, you’ve hired an architect to draw up and design your custom home, now you are going around and shopping for a builder to build the home. Seems like the natural order of things. But it is not necessarily the most efficient from a cost or build standpoint.

Bringing a builder in early on the custom home build is essential to having a smooth and efficient build. A truly great builder will be able to share their knowledge and experience right from the start to ensure that the design of the home is cost efficient and feasible. When architects create their drawings, they may make a beautiful and elaborate design that is worthy of a spot in a museum, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best way to build on the desired plot of land. A builder can come in and make suggestions on design that may save tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars, just by making a few adjustments here and there.

You wouldn’t design a race car and start building it before asking an aerodynamicist to make it as aerodynamic and fast as possible. Why would you start building a custom home before bringing in a builder from the beginning?

When you work with a builder, chances are they have an entire team or staff of trusted experts who are all there to assist with the custom home build. Builders may have an in-house architect or interior designer that they offer to clients to ensure speed and communication. Building a custom home is a process that requires quick decision making and clear lines of communication – having too many different companies and entities on a project may slow down the process while everyone tries to get on the same page.

Bringing in a builder also makes the client’s life easier since they will have one point of contact throughout the entire process, the builder themselves. If they wish to get an update on the floor plan design, call the builder. If they need a progress report on installation, call the builder. If there are any questions or concerns throughout the process, call the builder. This peace of mind means that the client never has to worry about who to call to get an update about anything pertaining to the build. Consider the builder as the best project manager you will ever work with!

Builders know the details. Most established builders know the area in which they work in, which means that when it comes to zoning, permitting and build codes, they already know everything! From a client’s standpoint, the less time they are held up dealing with the small – but important – things, the quicker and more cost efficient the build will be.

If you have decided that building a custom home is the right move for you, reach out to a builder. See what they have built in the past, decide if you like them and if they are someone you could envision yourself talking to regularly for the next 18 months, and see if you trust them to bring your dream custom home into reality. Here at Chaffey Custom Construction, we are here to help every step of the way. Reach out to us to see what we can do for you!



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