Features For Your Custom Home

Debating about building a custom home, or already made the decision to do so? The customization possibilities are endless and you are only limited to your own creativity and imagination! That being said, there are several key ingredients to make your custom home fantastic and practical. Whether you are building a luxury dream mansion, or a quaint rambler, here are a few ideas of what you could put in your new custom home.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

No matter what your culinary abilities, having a well laid out and equipped kitchen is essential for any home! On average, other than the time spent sleeping in the bedroom, people spend most of their time in the kitchen on a daily basis. From a resale value, a key decision maker for most buyers is the state of the kitchen.

A few of our favorite features for your custom home built kitchen include: double oven (a must for anyone who cooks regularly for larger groups), space efficient storage for cooking utensils, ideal height for a microwave, a large and functional kitchen island, and large countertops for easy chopping and meal prepping!

Master Suite

The master suite is one of the most overlooked aspects of a dream home. Oftentimes, people put designing their master suite off for last, just to realize it should have been a top priority. The master suite needs to be spacious to ensure enough room for a large bed, dressers, sitting area and ample closet space. Consider where your master suite will be located, if possible, add an outside patio even if it is just enough for a couple chairs. If you have a beautiful view from one part of the house, take that into account when laying out the master suite. Few things are better than waking up to a beautiful view of the lake or mountain range!

Dream Walk-In Closet

Whatever you do, DO NOT forget the closet! The walk-in closet (most likely connected to the master suite) is the perfect spot to store all the shoes, clothes, handbags, watches and accessories. A well laid out walk-in closet allows for easy access and perfect organization. Think about the small things – include a full size mirror so you can see how great you look in your outfit before you leave the closet, put in a window watch organizer drawer, ensure that you have shoe shelves that you can pull out for easy access and more storage. Find the perfect balance of beauty and functionality to ensure the best walk-in closet for your custom built home.


No matter where your home is being built, utilize the surrounding area to provide nice views from all over. It should go without saying, if you are building your custom home on a lake, make sure you have large windows to get the best views possible. Use the landscape and terrain to your advantage. Even if you are building in a residential area that has no significant views of trees or water, find something that is pleasing to the eye, such as a park, greenbelt or the nicest home on the street (other than your own of course).

Rooms with a Purpose

Think about your space and how you plan to use your home. Having bedrooms for the sake of having bedrooms may not be the best course of action. Consider putting in an office or a home gym before you lay out where each room will go. By planning ahead and knowing which rooms will serve what purpose, you can lay out a nice floorplan and prevent your gym from being right next to your master bedroom and having those gym odors creep in. Your custom home should be just that, custom! Make sure that all the rooms are best suited for how you plan to use them.

When building your custom home, there are many decisions that need to be made, some small and others large. Consider how you would like to use your home, ask your builder what they recommend, work with the interior designer to maximize space and practicality. Make sure that your custom home is built custom for you and your needs. If you have any questions about what to put in your new custom home, reach out to us!



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