Custom Build Process

Step 1: Initial Client Consultation

We will discuss style, features, home size and budget at our initial custom build process consultation. If you do not have all these nailed down yet, relax – that’s why we are here. We will lay out a timeline and discuss what to expect during the process

Step 2: Selecting Your Home Site

Finding the right location is one of the most important aspects of building your dream home. We work with some of the area’s top-producing real estate agents to help you find the ideal location for your project. If you already have your home site, you’ve eliminated one step!

Step 3: Architecture and Design

Working with the information we gathered at our initial consultation and the natural conditions of your building site, we start the conceptual drawings that will guide us to your final blueprint. At the end of this step we’ll introduce the interior designer for your project, but his or her work doesn’t really begin until we have a final blueprint.

Step 4: Interior Design and Specifications

Whether you have your own designer or you work with someone on our team, this is the step where the house begins to come alive. The designer will work with our production team to create the amenities and exterior elements that make your custom home personal to you. The Scope of Work created at this step is crucial to completing your home on time and on budget. The detailed planning and anticipating we accomplish during this step will cause the project to run smoothly.

Step 5: Home Construction Begins

As your general contractor and custom home builder, we’ll be your single point of communication. It’s our responsibility to control the schedule and keep the job on budget, as well as manage any change orders that may happen during construction. We’ll work with the designers and subcontractors throughout the process to ensure the quality meets your and our expectations, and we’ll regularly communicate with you to keep you updated on the status your project.

Step 6: Move in and Enjoy Your Beautiful New Home

As your new custom home nears completion, we’ll establish your move-in date. Before you move in, we’ll conduct a complete walkthrough noting any questions or concerns you might have. We’ll address all of them and explain your warranty and the maintenance needs of your new home. You’ll be given a homeowner’s manual that will further explain those things, then ENJOY!