Questions to Ask a Construction Contractor in Issaquah

construction contractorAre you planning to build a new home in Issaquah? Finding a reliable construction contractor for your project is a big first step. Don’t assume every business is qualified to perform the work you need. To be sure you receive the services you deserve, a thorough vetting process is paramount. When interviewing potential home construction contractors in your locale, ask the following questions.

Is the Contractor Licensed?

Every city and state has different licensing requirements. Know what these requirements are for your municipality, then verify that your construction contractor has the required certifications. This informs you that the contractor’s company is certified to perform the work you’re hiring it for.

Are You Insured?

It’s imperative that the hired construction company is insured. Request to see documentation for workers’ compensation and liability insurance before signing any contracts.

Who Acquires the Building Permits?

Not all home remodeling and construction projects require permits, but it’s important to establish who is responsible for securing them early in the construction process. Make sure you speak with your contractor about this. He or she will know which permits you need and how/where to obtain them.

Need a Qualified Construction Contractor in Issaquah?

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Expert Construction Contractor in Issaquah

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