Is there such a thing as a sustainable luxury home?

Sustainable Luxury HomeIs a sustainable luxury home an oxymoron? People often criticize luxury homes for being wasteful. Larger and fancier homes often mean more energy consumption. Are upscale mansions doomed to be energy wasters? No, not at all. With the right construction, luxury custom homes can contribute to a greener environment.

Attributes of a Green Luxury Property

We believe in modern technology, even if homeowners prefer classical designs. One example is the application of AMX technology that incorporates in-wall touchscreens. This enables homeowners to easily control the lighting, irrigation, and heating just by tapping the wall or using your mobile device.

Another feature is a mood shower, which is a staple in luxury bathrooms. These showers spray water and scent while you bathe. This is believed to elevate mood and promote relaxation. The shower also uses less water.

A few other sustainable add-ons include:

· Radiant floor heating – with this method of home heating, no heat is lost through the ducts. The U.S. Department of Energy confirmed radiant floor heating as an energy saving alternative for home heating.

· Solar Panels – a larger home means more roof square-footage, allowing for more space to install solar panels.

Land Development Considerations

Luxury homes naturally sit on a larger parcel of land. Our land developers can assess the area and use the exterior property for green landscaping. Trees and shrubs absorb harmful gasses and provide food for wildlife. By planting more trees, you have more shade that cools the home. In the winter, the trees provide a windbreak and promote heat retention.

We Build Sustainable Luxury Homes

A custom build process can include a number of EPA-approved additions. Just because a luxury home is larger with lavish amenities does not make it less eco-friendly. Contact Chaffey Custom Construction to begin the process of designing and building your sustainable luxury home.

Sustainable Luxury Home Construction

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